Quark is a company that is starting to manufacture Peg board,in order to proposea simple and affordable object, for tidy up and decorate its interior.Our workshop is located at Métropole 19, in Paris 19th, France.

Metropolis 19 is an industrial hotel, geared towards local production. The objective of Métropole 19 is to facilitate the return to local manufacturing and the short circuit.

WithQuark, we offer a rereading of our world and our daily life. We think it is difficult for everyone to define what is essential to them. It is for this reason that we have developedé a minimalist storage solution, which asks its user to carefully select what he wants to fix there.

Discoverour collection and above all, do not hesitate toContact us to share your thoughts on our work with us. We want to co-build with you the next items in our collection.

See you soon

Roman Wisznia dans son jardin - Quark © - 2020 

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