Redefining the furniture of tomorrow

Today, the dynamics of our living and working spaces are changing. More flexible, our offices and our homes require solutions that adapt to a constantly changing pace of life. At Quark, we are seizing this evolution to redefine the furniture of tomorrow.

The Quark Pegboard, furniture that evolves with you

At Quark, we anticipate the future of your living and working spaces by integrating design, ergonomics and customization . We design high-end modular wooden Pegboards which are not simple furniture elements, but solutions carrying a vision, that of an adaptive and aesthetic environment.

A Pegboard, several uses!

Bookcase, green wall or desk organizer, the Pegboard adapts perfectly to your needs, whatever its format.

Rediscover organization and storage

Whether in the office, at home, or in a shared space, Quark Pegboards are designed to revolutionize any work or personal environment. They offer a unique solution for space organization, increasing autonomy and engagement, whether for individuals or teams.

Quark at home

Quark for professionals

  • Infinitely modular

    Transform your space with endless configurations.

  • Innovation and quality

    Cutting-edge design for unmatched durability

  • Made in Paris

    Parisian know-how in each Quark piece

  • Short circuit

    From our workshop to your home, an ethical and responsible journey.

Personalize your Pegboard as you wish!

At Quark, we offer a wide choice of accessories to allow you to best personalize your Pegboard.

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Between modularity & versatility

We shape spaces, whether you are an individual or a professional. Our high-end modular Pegboard solutions adapt perfectly, whether to reinvigorate a living room or reinvent a workspace. Discover our achievements now to understand the breadth and finesse of Quark know-how. Explore how we combine functionality and aesthetics for all industries.

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Tailor-made support

Transform your home, shop or office into a unique and attractive space with Quark Pegboards. Our mission, to personalize each space to make it as unique as you

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Know-how made in Paris

Quark redefines Parisian know-how. In our workshop in the heart of Paris, the Quarkos work with passion to design each Pegboard and accessory. Each piece is the result of local and meticulous work, guaranteeing quality and durability. It is modern craftsmanship at the service of the organization, directly from the capital of innovation.

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