Grégoire Vorpe x Quark

Grégoire Vorpe x Quark

The Fusion of Art and Innovation: The Collaboration between Grégoire Vorpe and Quark

At Quark, innovation meets aesthetics seamlessly, creating premium modular products that never cease to amaze. It is in this spirit of creativity that we had the honor of collaborating with Grégoire Vorpe, pixel artist known for his striking mosaic frescoes. This unique collaboration perfectly reflects our shared commitment to quality, sustainability and design. Discover behind the scenes of this artistic adventure through the words of Grégoire.

An Artist with a Mosaic Soul

Grégoire Vorpe, known as Grég, is a pixel artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2018, he has been creating one-of-a-kind works of art, using paper collages, acrylic, Indian ink, and wood and plastic assemblages. His creations, often inspired by societal and environmental themes, are true modern mosaics that challenge and captivate.

Hors-Piste, 73 x 128 cm, Indian ink. 23,000 repetitions of a stamp in the shape of a mechanical shovel which gives rise to the Théodule glacier

Sky Fall, 103 x 103 cm, acrylic. Abandoned ski resort in the Alps in Switzerland

(Plastic) Free Willy, 81 x 125 cm, recycled plastic. Whale

The Spark of Collaboration

Grégoire's inspiration to collaborate with Quark came from research into pixel art. Seduced by our products and our values, he saw in Quark an ideal partner to merge his art with our modular Pegboards. His enthusiasm for this collaboration is palpable: “I found the products and values ​​of this start-up in line with my artistic approach and I said to myself that a collaboration would be nice,” he tells us.

Panel Selection and Preparations

Grégoire opted for a natural wood panel measuring 48 x 48 cm, a size that he considered ideal for a prototype. He prepared his work by carefully planning every detail of the image he wanted to reproduce: a magnificent macaw parrot. To integrate the "Quark" elements, he used techniques of acrylic painting with a knife and bodybuilder's tape, creating clean and vivid flat areas of color.

Pegboard Quark 48 x48 cm - Birch plywood

Technical Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Painting on pegboard presented some unique challenges. To overcome this, Grégoire filled the unused holes with putty, then re-drilled them to achieve a flawless finish. He also temporarily plugged the necessary holes with dowel pins, a technique that proved effective. This ingenious approach demonstrates his adaptability and technical mastery.

A Fluid and Enthusiastic Collaboration

The collaboration with Quark was marked by fluid communication and instant synergy. “I wrote an email to Quark to tell them about my collaborative project. Thirty minutes later, I received an enthusiastic response,” says Grégoire. This speed of response and constant support made it possible to bring this work to fruition quickly and efficiently.

Preparatory graphic work for the collaboration by Grégoire Vorpe

Pegboard Quark x Grégoire Vorpe

 Pegboard detail Quark x Grégoire Vorpe

A Work that Speaks of Hope and Conservation

Grégoire's macaw parrot, with its shimmering colors and conservation history, perfectly embodies the artist's values. This majestic bird, threatened with extinction, is a powerful symbol of the beauty and fragility of our environment. Through this work, Grégoire hopes to raise awareness and remind people of the importance of conservation.

Pegboard Quark x Grégoire Vorpe

Pegboard Quark x Grégoire Vorpe

Reactions and Future Perspectives

The work was seen by a few people who recently came to visit Grégoire's apartment. The feedback is unanimously positive. The object goes very well with the interior and brings an “arty” touch to an everyday object. The artist plans to communicate more widely about this creation in coordination with Quark to maximize its impact. Already considering future collaborations, he hopes to continue exploring new artistic dimensions with Quark, notably by offering personalized designs to our clients.

Personalization and unique piece!

The collaboration between Grégoire Vorpe and Quark offers you the opportunity to acquire a unique work, merging Grégoire's distinctive pixel art with our innovative Modular Pegboards. Include the price of the 48 x 48 cm Pegboard plus an additional €766 (or approximately CHF 750) for a Quark x Grégoire Vorpe Pegboard. This exceptional work is not only an aesthetic addition to your spaces, but also a strong and meaningful message carrier, embodying our shared vision of innovation and design. Don't miss this unique chance to own a creation that perfectly combines functionality and art. You are interested ? Contact us

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