Why choose a wall shelf at home?

Pourquoi choisir une étagère murale chez soi? - Quark

In the world of interior design, the wall shelf is an element that is often underestimated. We will explore together the undeniable advantages of this ingenious object: optimization of space, relevant selection criteria, ease of installation and ability to enhance your decoration.

Pegboard and wall shelf

Saving space

The wall shelf, this unsung heroine of interior design, offers an undeniable advantage that we should not underestimate: space optimization .

Let's visualize a room cluttered with massive furniture that takes up all the floor space. Let's introduce a wall shelf and watch the metamorphosis that occurs: it frees up important areas while providing additional storage space . In height, this type of development demonstrates its ability to enhance the vertical use of walls, which is often neglected.

That's the charm of this multifunctional object! The wall shelf goes beyond the traditional limits of terrestrial furniture to venture into the aerial domain. It therefore offers a refined and practical solution for storing your precious or essential objects without encroaching on your living space.

But let's remember that each habitat is unique and requires personalized planning. Depending on your specific requirements, you can select from an endless variety of hanging shelves - ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate design - all aimed at maximizing your space while adding their aesthetic touch to your interior.

The next time you think about how to improve your home environment, think vertical! Think hanging shelves !

Athle: sport at home on a wall shelf

The selection criteria

The choice of material

The material of your wall shelf is one of the first criteria to take into account. Whether it is wood , metal or glass , each element has its charm and distinct characteristics. Wood brings a warm and natural atmosphere to your interior while options such as metal or glass present a more modern and designer appearance. It is recommended to select a substance that fits harmoniously with your existing decoration.

Wood for Pegboard

The importance of design

A study conducted by Science Daily in 2018 highlighted the major influence of wall shelves on interior decoration. So don't hesitate to emphasize style to transform your walls into a true field of artistic expression! Bold geometric shapes, refined curves or even minimalist lines: there are endless styles of wall shelves to enhance every corner of your home.

Storage capacity

We must not neglect one of the essential functions of a shelf: conservation! Depending on your needs, opt for a large shelf or, on the contrary, a more discreet but equally useful model. Some arrangements even offer the possibility of combining several small shelves to create a modular and adaptable storage space according to your preferences.

Practical bathroom storage

Easy installation

Where the magic really happens with the wall shelf is when installing it. For a design and furniture enthusiast, nothing beats the gratification of an impeccably executed arrangement. Let me walk you through the process: Once you've chosen the perfect shelf , grab your tools and get ready for an exciting time.

Hang the brackets on the wall according to your exact dimensions, position the shelf with ease then contemplate the result! The technical phase is completed in an instant.

And therein lies the real charm of this type of furniture: it not only offers an additional storage area without invading your floor, but also provides incredible versatility in its location and assembly. You direct your interior design like never before!

For a unique decoration

The perforated panel, a decorative innovation

We know that the wall shelf is a key element of our interiors. Among the various alternatives available in stores, the perforated panel stands out for its unique character and its original touch . This solution offers complete freedom to arrange your storage space as you see fit. It is truly a blank slate that gives you the opportunity to express your creativity without hindrance.

the wall shelf by Quark: made in Paris

The advantage of modular style

The modular style provides undeniable flexibility to structure the free space on your walls. This mechanism helps you adjust and reorganize your shelves according to your current requirements or according to the frequency of the items you prefer to display. In addition, this aesthetic option gives a dynamic dimension to your interior decoration, making every corner distinctive and one of a kind.

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