Decoration Meeting #3: Elise Gloriant, interior designer

Rencontre Déco #3 : Elise Gloriant, décoratrice d'intérieur - Quark

At Quark we believe that decoration is a world that can profoundly improve your daily quality of life. We want to share with you behind the scenes of the world of decoration in order to make this world accessible to as many people as possible. We are going with you to meet those who shape what we call “decor” on a daily basis. Today we are with Elise Gloriant , interior designer, whose work specializes in the layout and optimization of your interior . Élise supports you to create from A to Z an interior that suits you , reveals your personality and enhances your way of life . Élise launches a first online training course: Le Bureau Ideal . You can discover his work on Instagram and especially learn about his online training .

Elise Gloriant Bureau Ideal

You recently launched online training. Can you tell us more ?

I have always had this dual role, strategy and creation . On top of that, I really have the entrepreneurial spirit in my gut. Besides that, I am very creative and I attach a lot of importance to well-being in general and in particular to well-being at work. This is something I stand for. I believe that when we feel good at the office and at home, it changes the whole way we live.

Elise Gloriant Office

I released training on The Ideal Office. This allows me to focus on well-being . Work is part of your development and fulfillment. So it’s super important to me to protect yourself in your work environment. This allows everyone to be efficient and carry out their projects in the long term .

Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

I have always wanted to give myself the space to create, to set my own rules and to propose my vision of the world. I am an entrepreneur at heart: quest for freedom, creativity, perseverance and rebellious spirit . I need to be aligned with my values. I have always been aware of well-being and customer service. Put people at the heart of our actions . I have an entrepreneur dad with whom I worked, he has always inspired me a lot. I think it's important to have mentors and be amazed by passionate people

I want to bring my vision of the world even though I am only 27 years old. But I think that at any age we have something to contribute. I am also looking for this freedom that you have as an entrepreneur.

Elise Gloriant - Example Home Office

What is your relationship with decoration?

I have been working on personal development for several years. Personal development is part of my daily life. I am passionate about people. I worked in communications and digital but I had difficulty planning for the long term as an employee. I was in search of meaning and I aspired to more freedom . A real desire to embark on a profession of passion .

I read a book that helped me better understand my expectations. This is a book about Ikigai . This means in Japanese the equivalent of reason for being. This allowed me to identify a passion for my profession. It became clear to me that interior design was my path.

And for the little anecdote, my very small comfort blanket was a blue cushion. In life you have things that at one point appear obvious to you. There it came out of the book.

I then chose to attend a distance school specializing in design professions . I am passionate about training, I like learning and I wanted to do things well. I took advantage of the first confinement to complete my training. Then I launched into my entrepreneurial project.

Elise Gloriant - Teleworking Office - Home Office - Le Junior

What is your relationship to creation?

I have always been creative. I need to feel emotion and that's what I feel a lot of in certain designs. I am passionate about graphics and photography.

One thing I realized is that design was created to serve our well-being .

Creating your own decoration at home is an opportunity to take an interest in who you are. You can transpose your way of life and your uniqueness into your decorating project.

For me each universe must be completely different. You don't have to have the same interior as everyone else. You must be proud to evolve in your world. And Design is there to reveal that .

What do you think of the Pegboard?

I really like what the Pegboard represents. It’s ingenious and effective . I think it's a smart purchase because it's a truly infinitely modular object . It is customizable and will have a good lifespan. We can imagine the journey of a Pegboard with a child. A child could receive a Pegboard from birth:

  • The Pegboard would go above the newborn's changing table
  • Then the Pegboard could serve as a small bookshelf at his height to make his books easily accessible.
  • His Pegboard can become a game board to help him learn colors and reading.
  • Finally our child will be able to create a space for his passion with his Pegboard . If your child likes music, gardening or cooking, they can easily modify their Pegboard with suitable accessories. His Pegboard will then accompany him for years.
Pegboard: Smart and Sustainable Purchasing

I think the Pegboard is a smart purchase. The object speaks to me immediately. This object limits the ultra consumption side. It embodies a sustainable vision in the way we live .

I find in The Pegboard a vision that I like of the innovative product . It's about creating something sustainable and in line with the challenges of a sustainable world. What better answer than to create objects that accompany us throughout our lives?

Pegboard: The object that accompanies you


What fascinates me in design is finding what is essential . When you can put your finger on something minimalist, there's a punchy side that reveals itself . I love the impact of minimalism in our daily lives. I try to make design accessible to as many people as possible through my work.

Design allows you to highlight what you like and what suits you.

Elise Gloriant - Home Office - Home Office - Minimalist

Can you tell us more about your roots?

I am from Calais and I still live in Calais at the moment, in a small 20 m2 apartment with a sea view. I need to be connected to nature, which explains this choice. But I have a nomadic entrepreneur profile. So I also like this minimalist side and this sea view which inspires me every day.

The online training that I have just launched is a first step towards a digital nomadic lifestyle . 

What is decor coaching?

Decoration coaching is a work of co-construction. We have as much to learn from our clients as they have to learn from us. The source of decoration coaching is the uniqueness of the client. Clients can trust each other and that’s what I try to share.

Every person is creative within them. Everyone has the ability to have fun and create their own interior. You don't necessarily have to wait until you have a certain budget to hire an interior designer. For me , well-being must be accessible. This is not a luxury that we should allow ourselves.

For the moment, I find that interior design professions are not valued enough. They are seen as a luxury. And yet it really is an important foundation for our quality of life.

We sell a lot of trends. But trends are there to inspire. But it is not an end in itself. I find it strange that someone would want to reproduce an interior identical to a magazine. Quite simply because the people who created this decoration page don't know you. This reminds me of Fight Club where the hero strives to consume everything the IKEA catalogs suggest.

How is your training going?

My online training is aimed at people who telework, students and those who need a quality work environment in the long term.

The objective of the training is to help you identify what is essential to you . Then, starting from your uniqueness, I guide you in defining your ideal office.

The training is very structured. It is embodied through a step-by-step action plan .

This is not just a blog post . There is a goal to achieve and results to obtain. I save time with my expertise as a decorator and you know straight away where to start.

I suggest a one-hour format to start. The goal is to get to the point and optimize your time. I chose an audio format for this training. I like to adapt the medium to the content.

I am creating this training in 2020. The current situation is difficult and many people are discovering working from home without being prepared. We face many sources of stress. So creating a quality work environment in the midst of all these changes is really a difficult step to overcome alone.

I give my clients the opportunity to refocus on themselves and they will arrive at the end of this training with an action plan in line with their identity.

How is your launch going?

I just launched the training a few weeks ago and I really feel that it speaks to the public. The topic of creating the ideal office is truly a strong trend. I think it meets an important need. I am passionate about what I do and I give a lot to the public. I get good feedback and I'm happy that people take time for themselves. The wellness market has never been so valued. It's 2020 and the successive confinements make us realize that it is important to be comfortable at home. This must be valued!

Your latest musical favorites?

For the good humor side I am a fan of James Brown

James Brown - Live in Hamburg

For the Travel and Chill side I really like tropical electro: Nicolas Cruz 

Electro Tropicale

And I'm a big romantic and a fan of: Gainsbourg - L'anamour

Serge Gainsbourg

In the kitchen, do you have a favorite dish?

I love ceviche !

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