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3D printing pen holder

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In a few words

“Quark is a company that meets the challenges of our generation : being in direct contact with our customers, innovating to create an unparalleled offer , developing our manufacturing tool in France to control our deadlines and our prices, manufacturing to order for reduce the waste of materials. It is a daily pleasure to commit to Quark's values”.

Angele Pavaux

“The Pegboard allows you to combine organization and decoration by creating a real modular board: Quark reinvents storage by making it graphic”

Roman Wisznia

“With Quark we are exploring different ways to give access to creativity. We want to make storage a game, making it attractive and fun”

Pierre-Axel Izerable

“Quark embodies a vision of freedom. We offer our users, the Quarkos, infinite freedom thanks to the Pegboard and its infinite accessories”

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The Quark Team