Tutorial: how to attach a wall shelf to your wall

Are you looking for information on how to attach a wall shelf to your wall? And it’s Pegboard ? You are in the right place ! Whether you have a Pegboard or any other form of wall shelf, you will see, it's pretty much the same technique.

How to attach your Pegboard to the wall

Pegboard - Wall Shelf by Quark

Have you just purchased a Pegboard by Quark , but you don't know how to attach this wall shelf ? Don't worry , we are here to help you . Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us your questions . Sometimes it's a simple way to find answers!

Star Wars Pegboard

Fix a wall shelf at home

How to attach a shelf to your wall

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

Put a Wall Shelf on your wall

Pegboard by Quark

Hands in the dirt

We will now see together how to fix a wall shelf in a wall . Here we go 🚀

To get started, you need:

  • A wall shelf
  • 4 screws compatible with your wall (provided by Quark)
  • As many dowels as screws (supplied by Quark)
  • A drill adapted to your wall (be careful with concrete walls...)
  • A forest compatible with the diameter of your ankles
  • A spirit level (always helps)

A Pegboard made by Quark is above all a piece of wood measuring 48 cm or 96 cm on a side (and more tailor-made!). A wooden panel weighs between 4 and 8 kilos depending on the model. You must take this detail into account before starting to mount your Pegboard on the wall. You can call on a friend for a little help.

The positioning

Choosing the Ideal Location

Take your Quark Pegboard, close your eyes, then position it on your wall where you want to see it. A few centimeters higher, a little further to the left... Take your time, your Pegboard will then spend a little time there.

Pay attention to the horizontality and verticality of the product. If you have one in your toolbox , do not hesitate to use a spirit level .

Mark your first hole

This is where all the finesse of Quark appears!

Grit your teeth and keep the wall shelf horizontal .

You will now mark the first hole. To find it, here is the treasure map.

To point, we advise you to avoid pastis and use the screws provided with each Quark Pegboard.

You must hold the board in position. Courage, we are with you!

You succeeded

Congratulations ! You have just marked the 4 fixing points of your Pegboard . You only have the most serious steps left:

  • Using your drill, you will drill your wall
  • You will then place your ankles there

You now have a beautiful wall shelf in your home . The Pegboard Quark is a modular shelf. You can take advantage of this modularity to bring your space to life according to your needs.

I now leave you to your imagination to enhance your Pegboard.

Send us a photo by email or on Instagram , with the hashtag #quarkos

Thank you for your talent and remember, we are always at your disposal to help you!

See you soon

The Quark team