How to fix a wall shelf easily?

You have a pegboard or a Wall shelf Between hands ? Or you want to buy it (it's a very good idea, don't worry). But you don't know how to fix this Wall shelf easily? 

You are on the right page ! We will see together how to fix a Quark System in your wall. Let's go 🚀

To get started, you will need: 

  • a Wall shelf
  • 2 or 4 screw compatible with your wall 
  • as much ankles as many screws (so 2 or 4)
  • a drill adapted to your wall (beware of concrete walls ...)
  • a forest compatible with the diameter of your ankles 
  • a spirit level

A few technical informations to start well: 

Pegboard Standard - Quark

A standard pegboard by Quark, it is a wooden square 48 cm long, which weighs 4 kg.

The pegboard 48 cm is composed of 15 holes X 15 holes or 225 holes in total.

Pegboard par Quark

horizontallyPegboard Quark


Beaucoup de trous dans un pegboard

225 holes starts to make a lot of holes

The positioning 

Choose the right place

Take yours Quark System, close your eyes, then position it on your wall where you want to see it. A few centimeters higher, a little more to the left ... Take your time, your Pegboard will stay there for quite a while after that. 

Pay attention to the horizontality and verticality of the product. If you have this in your toolbox, feel free to use a spirit level to help you. 

Point the first hole

This is where all the finesse of Quark appears! 

Listen carefully: now that you have chosen the position of your Quark wall shelf, then you go move it on the horizontal axis, 1.5 centimeters towards the right

Clench your teeth and store well horizontality of the board

You will now point the first hole. To find it, here is the treasure map. Starting from the first hole at the top left, you count 3 holes on the right, then 3 holes down. This is the hole it takes point

For pointing, we advise you to avoid the pastis and use a criterium also called mechanical pencil.

Fixer une etagere murale - Etape #5

Sometimes a picture is better than a long speech 

Point the second hole

You have to keep the board in position. Courage, we are with you!

Now, starting from the first pointed hole, count 9 holes to the right. And point this hole here. 

Fixer une etagere murale - Etape #7

Another picture, it's nice

Point the third hole

If you want to put large weight objects, then feel free to put 4 screws in your wall. In this case, you will go down 9 holes to point the third hole. 

Fixer une etagere murale - Etape #8

We are almost there

Last step, point the fourth hole

You begin to understand, now you can count 9 holes to the left. You will fall on the fourth hole to punch to fix this Wall shelf to your wall.

Fixer une etagere murale - Etape #9

It's designer sketches, pay attention to the level!

You succeeded

Congratulations! You come from to mark the 2 or 4 fixing points of your pegboard. You only have the most serious steps left: 

  • Using your drill, you will drill your wall
  • You will then place your ankles there 
  • You will insert the screws you have there. Be careful, you have to check that it is compatible with the diameter of Quark System.  
  • Let the screw protrude 1 cm outside the wall 
  • Come and put your wall shelf against the wall, like a painting 

You now have a beautiful wall shelf in your living room. It's a designer shelf and you can be proud of the work accomplished! 

I now leave it to your imagination to sublimate this pegboard and make it your object. 

I invite you to send us a photo by email or on Instagram, with the hashtag #quarkboard 

Thank you for your talent and don't forget, we are at your disposal to help you and if necessary, lend a hand in your installation! 

See you soon

PS: for those who were wondering, this article contains 24 occurrences of the word "hole", including this last hole, and this one too.