The perforated panel for tidying up your home

Le panneau perforé pour ranger sa maison - Quark

Often associated with the world of DIY, the perforated panel for organizing your home revolutionizes the art of organizing your interior sustainably . Are you tired of the mess that comes back in the blink of an eye? Are you looking for an easy storage system? Quark offers you its good decorating ideas! In the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or dressing room, the perforated panel for tidying up your home is the ideal solution .

The perforated panel is ideal for storing and organizing your interior

Quark offers pegboards to organize your home

It is very often difficult to keep an interior completely tidy. We accumulate and we no longer know where to put our things . We are often in a hurry and therefore postpone our tidying sessions until later.

We all have good intentions when it comes to tidying up. We implement storage methods. Then we imagine routines and good practices for organizing our home. But too often we are overwhelmed by our daily lives. We therefore put off our good habits until later. This is how our good intentions become the enemies of a tidy interior.

Good storage practices by Quark

At Quark we recommend a simple tidying practice . We believe that it is more effective to establish simple rules of life but to stick to them. Otherwise we lose the whole point of storage. Our second tip: focus on fun storage .

Whether you are orderly or a little disturbed, the perforated panel will allow you to adopt simple gestures and habits in your daily life to allow you to breathe easier and spend less time putting everything away .

The perforated panel is a storage system like a game, accessible and organized. We place objects and then move them . We tidy and disturb the elements endlessly. Tidying up is then no longer a chore but a pleasant and intellectually stimulating time. You can easily and quickly store all everyday objects on your perforated panel.

Organized in a sustainable and functional way

Pegboard does not have an assigned room in the house. It can be found in the kitchen to store utensils or food . You can also place your sign in the bathroom for beauty products, makeup or soaps . Now imagine your Pegobard in your bedroom. It is an ideal accessory for storing your jewelry in a practical way . A perforated panel makes it easy to store your hats and scarves in your dressing room .

The yellow wooden pegboard

At Quark we think that the Pegboard is THE suitable storage solution for the whole house! This helps put in place the “anti-laziness” reflex . We disturb and tidy up with the same ease . We no longer spend hours and hours on websites or blogs to find a functional way to store all our things .

The perforated panel for storage helps avoid visual pollution . If you are the type to tidy up every 36 months during a big spring cleaning that we postpone until later because of our pace of life. Our pace of life forces us to face unforeseen events. You must then tidy your interior regularly if you want to deal with it without making any effort.

How to upcycle furniture with a perforated panel?

Do you think you don't have enough space in your house? Do not panic ! The perforated panel allows you to exploit many previously unnoticed spaces. I am thinking in particular of the corners of the walls or the splashbacks in your kitchen. A Pegboard is an ideal solution for creating intelligent front storage. In conclusion, no need to buy furniture, you can attach a pegboard and replace your furniture door. This will allow you to reuse your furniture by making it practical .

DIY furniture with a Pegboard

So you take a piece of furniture with existing doors. Then you order a Pegboard with the right dimensions and you replace your furniture door. You will thus create a unique object at home. You will be able to save space while dressing your furniture in a modern way.

Kitchen with a modular storage system

Your belongings are therefore accessible and easy to store.

Add a mirror to your pegboard

Pegboard Storage for Kitchen

Installing a mirror can be restrictive, it takes up space and it often ends up alone in the middle of the wall. Due to lack of space or practicality we therefore abandoned the idea.

The perforated panel allows you to add a mirror in the middle of your skincare products. It's now simple and convenient to prepare. Straight out of Pinterest, the mirror on the pegboard also adds a designer touch to your interior.

At Quark, storage panels can be madeto measure . You can therefore place your Pegboard on any surface . Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, you can organize your home however you want!

We tidy and decorate at the same time

The perforated panel has the advantage of being a simple and effective decoration tool . You tidy and decorate at the same time thanks to it. It is a tool that reflects the adage: “learn while having fun”. It is not only practical and decorative but it also gives a fun side to storage . It is a unique solution for decoration indoor.

Super stylish pegboard and green wall

Star of Pinterest, the perforated panel has enjoyed real success in recent years for its very designer and very decorative side which brings a real touch of modernity and freshness to your interior. You can hang plants, paintings, lettering, photos or even store your jewelry or perfumes. In other words, pegboard allows you to add your personal touch to your interior design. It allows you to store your objects in a fun and practical way.

The plant world allows you to tidy your home by bringing a touch of green

Quark and his Green Wall

Adapt your perforated panel according to your tastes ! I share with you some decorating ideas to beautify your interior while maintaining control . Do you want to put plants in your bathroom to give it a jungle feel but the floor space doesn't allow it? Quark comes to the rescue! If you want to highlight your most beautiful jewelry: add a jewelry holder to your perforated panel .            

The jewelry holder for pegboard to tidy up your home

Do you want to furnish your bedroom with a unique decor ? Opt for a large perforated panel to place one or more tables jumbled together. Don’t hesitate to add one or more plants to give a touch of nature to your space. You can also add travel souvenirs . In other words, you can put whatever you want in it . An idea in mind? Up to you ! Whether to decorate, store or optimize: the perforated panel will be your best ally ! The Pegboard allows you to tidy up without getting tired.

Room with a wooden pegboard

Place the photos on your pegboard

Do you want to display your most beautiful vacation photos but haven't found an original idea to help you avoid damaging your photos? Add a photo holder to your pegboard and that’s it!

Perforated panel by Quark for modular storage

Finally, if you are a reading lover but your library is full: think pegboard to store your books! So you can add a bookend to your perforated panel which will allow you to store your works with ease . You will find the bookend on our site in the accessories category.

Modular bookcase on wall panel

With Quark 's perforated panels, you 're the artist ! All your projects are achievable ! Whether you like color or a more sober look, it's up to you to create and imagine your perforated panel from A to Z. You can dress it with plants to give a touch of freshness and greenery . You can also place photos there to remember your best memories.  

With the wooden letters offered by Quark you can even write your favorite quote in large letters . It's up to you to reinvent your interior with accessories and games for adults and children alike . Because yes, we also offer a range of accessories for the youngest .

At Quark we offer a wide choice of accessories to allow you to organize and decorate your interior endlessly.

If you're not an artist at heart, don't panic ! Quark guides you through its various sections to help you create your pegboard to reflect your home . 

The essentials of everyday storage

Modular Pegboard Storage

Pegboard is essential for functional and decorative storage. It is inspired by current trends and today has many followers. You can therefore benefit from the good ideas of the community through Pinterest and its publications.

We no longer present Marie Kondo when we talk about tidying up

It also makes storage easier and minimizes the time spent tidying up all our interiors . The perforated panel fits perfectly into well-thought-out storage, particularly with the storage method of Marie Kondo , a consultant specializing in the art of storage. In his latest work, we find various tips for feeling good at home, including tidying up. Two of these valuable tips caught my attention: first, sort your objects by category . A method that allows you to find your way around better, it also allows you to take inventory. And finally adopt vertical storage , the goal being to make it simple and above all clearly visible .

Pegboard is your best friend for tidying up your home

A perforated panel perfectly meets the principle of decorating with the essentials . These can be your everyday items or your favorite things . If you don't want to store them in the back of a cupboard, this is a good solution to present them to your friends.

The perforated panel adapts to our storage habits today, we who no longer have the desire to spend long hours tidying up the house. We have changed the way we live and think about our interiors and the perforated panel allows us to tidy up and reharmonize the space . Today the goal is to tidy up quickly and well , with something practical and easy to organize. The perforated panel is designed for the whole family, it is an ideal solution to introduce your children to tidying up while having fun . This allows them to understand the essentials of storage so as not to end up with a bedroom that is upside down. It's simple , fun and decorative . This is an excellent way to stimulate your children .

Choosing materials for your perforated panel

Raw wooden board on edge

The choice of perforated panel, however, remains important . A good pegboard should be able to last over time . This allows you to create a durable decor and storage space . If you want to change your interior on a whim, this is no longer a problem! The perforated panel allows you to re-modulate your interior decoration according to your tastes and desires . It is also ideal in a children's room which is constantly evolving.

In addition, it is also important and advisable to regularly change the organization of objects in your interior to stimulate your senses. This generates many benefits .

It is therefore a useful and lasting investment which will allow you to change without throwing it away . This allows you to endlessly reinvent your interior.

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