The Pegboard revisited by Maison France 5 and architect Gaëlle Cuisy

Le Pegboard revisité par Maison France 5 et l’architecte Gaëlle Cuisy - Quark

If you have been following the Quark adventure for some time you know that we are real Pegboard enthusiasts ! Recently a customer shared with us a great episode of the decoration show: Maison France 5 . In this article, we share with you the creation of Gaëlle Cuisy, architect of the show. Gaëlle revisits the Pegboard for our greatest happiness !

LMF5 - Pegboard Children's Room

A child's bedroom

In this episode of Maison France 5, Gaëlle Cuisy is entrusted with decorating a child's bedroom. It's about a 10-year-old girl who is a budding handywoman. Gaëlle Cuisy goes very far in the design of the room. The organization of the space will be structured around an integrated desk, in which the Pegboard will find a special place. Here are some images taken from the broadcast produced by France 5. I apologize for the quality of these “screenshots”.

LMF5 - Pegboard Integration

A Pegboard desk

Gaëlle Cuisy 's idea is to integrate the Pegboard directly into this young girl's office. The construction is structured with Pegboards all along the work surface. Then storage spaces will adorn the upper part of the office. These storage spaces will be able to accommodate boxes or important objects.

I think the result is magnificent and I would love to have a desk in the same style in our next workshop!

LMF5 - Pegboard Desk

The choice of Birch Plywood

If you are familiar with the Pegboard range by Quark you will have noticed that Birch Plywood is really one of our favorites! In this child's bedroom installation, Gaëlle Cuisy chose birch plywood for several criteria that we meet perfectly!

The advantages of Birch Plywood are:

  • in his resistance
  • its stability over time
  • its smooth surface
  • its sweetness
  • its homogeneity
LMF5 - Choice of Plywood

A Pegboard cupboard door

Last point that I would like to share, a great boldness from Gaëlle Cuisy. This child's bedroom is already a stimulating creative space. But Gaëlle goes further and discreetly integrates a Pegboard on the cupboard door. It's really my favorite

! The idea is simple and practical. This will be an opportunity for the new owner of this room to display her future creations, to hang jewelry, the outfit of the day, or to integrate a solution for notes and memos. Maison France 5 goes over this detail very briefly. Yet it’s a way to make an anthology Ikea Hack! I hope other people will take up the idea. Thank you Gaëlle Cuisy :)

Pegboard for Ikea Hack

A successful project

We had the pleasure of sharing this TV report with you. We hope this gives you ideas for your future installations! If you ever know Gaëlle Cuisy, don’t hesitate to tell her of our admiration! This child's bedroom is a successful project and it shows how we can create pleasant places to live with creative ideas . If you also appreciated this achievement, do not hesitate to tell us, via Instagram or on this Blog post.

Here is the G plus L website:

And to follow them on Instagram, it’s here:

Find the original video on the France 5 website in Replay:

From 1h 22 minutes

For our part, we keep this installation in the back of our minds . And perhaps our future workshop will benefit from this great success!

See you soon

The Quark team

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